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how to withdraw pf amount for a property purchase?

Posted by Nagesh M · 2 yrs ago · 2 Replies · Share on -      

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2 Replies

Nagesh M
Nagesh M Posted on 2 yrs ago

Thanks Mr.saurav,I know the conditions you have mentioned above. I fulfill the requirement of continuous service more than 5 years & also know that 24 months of salary for a plot or 36 month salary for a flat or house. But the thing to furnish the... more


Saurav Ranjan Datta
Saurav Ranjan Datta Posted on 2 yrs ago

You can withdraw your PF amount for purchasing a flat, you will need to furnish all relevant documents and satisfy the necessary requirements in order to be eligible for premature withdrawal of EPF. You can claim about 36 times the monthly salary once... more


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