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Since our establishment in 1969, Anant Raj Industries Limited (ARIL) is name that has become synonymous with the highest quality, excellence and innovation in the field of real estate development. We are proud of a spectacular track record in our chosen sphere of business and today, can be credited with changing the very face of the National Capital Region. Armed with one of the largest land banks in the region, the company is in the process of building an array of Special Economic Zones (SEZs), IT Parks, Hotels, Commercial Complexes, Malls, Residential / Service Apartment and other infrastructure projects - all of which are set to be built in adherence to the most competitive global standards. The National Capital Region is poised for a major change. Far-sighted governmental initiatives, corporate and foreign direct investments especially in the IT and BPO sector, a burgeoning population of young and upwardly mobile professionals, enhanced incomes and consequently a higher propensity to invest, have all contributed to making it the most attractive destination for any Infrastructure Development Enterprise. We at Anant Raj Industries Limited are uniquely poised to leverage the existing and ensuing explosion in real estate development in the National Capital region by constantly enhancing our land bank portfolio, guaranteeing the highest quality levels and professionalism, and by continually innovating on both marketing and construction technology fronts. As one of India's leading Infrastructure Development Enterprise, ARIL is in the process of revolutionizing corporate spaces with the development of Special Economic Zones and IT Parks. Meanwhile, on the societal front ARIL is committed to building institutions for education, hospitals and healthcare centers. ARIL also promises to enhance the quality of millions of lives by ushering in world class residential / service apartment facilities as well as and amusement, leisure and recreational infrastructure. ARIL is deeply committed to value creation for our shareholders through prudent financial management, maintenance of global quality standards, professionalism and adherence to business ethics. Strengths ARIL is India's leading group in terms of attracting foreign investments - one of the major global investors being the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation. ARIL has also entered into a joint-venture with Reliance ADAG, one India' premier industrial groups, for hospitality- and infrastructure-related projects. Other prime investors include The George Soros Group and Morgan Stanley. High Quality Land bank Land Acquisition in India is fraught with complex issues. The farmlands needed for acquisition are highly fragmented and land accumulation needs not only an excellent understanding of local laws and bylaws but also local customs and social equations. The land development authorities allot lands through bids and personal inspections. The last source of land is from individuals and corporate bodies wherein relationships are crucial. ARIL has a customized mechanism to acquire strategically located, low cost lands that provide downside protection. Strong relationships have been forged with accumulators of farmland who are responsible for land accumulation and conversion of development rights. Local presence is maintained through a highly experienced team that completes financial arrangements needed to execute projects in time. Close relationship with the authorities who appreciate ARIL's past performance enables fast approvals. The landowners and intermediaries also facilitate timely access to new areas with potential. ARIL has also built an experienced team that understands the local byelaws and regulations and is capable of predicting market trends for anticipating future demands. Unlike other developers and realtors, ARIL leverages the advantages of an in-house construction team. The unmatched advantage of an in-house, dedicated team of about 1000 engineers and employees impart in terms of savings and total control over time taken for completion of projects. There are no contractual bindings in case of third party contractors, building in flexibility for incorporating any change in terms of design, finish, etc.

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