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Quick Tips & Questions Asked for Sulekha Home Loans Services

1. When is the ideal time to engage with Sulekha Home Loan Consultants?

Connect with Sulekha Home Loan Consultants as you embark on your homeownership journey. Whether you're exploring properties or have a specific one in mind, our consultants are ready to assist you from the initial stages.

2. What is the maximum repayment tenure for my Sulekha Home Loan?

Sulekha's Home Loan Consultants offer support with a maximum repayment tenure of 25 years. Collaborate with them to determine the optimal payback period based on your income, age, and existing EMIs.

3. How frequently are interest payments required on my home loan, and what are the available choices?

Sulekha Home Loan Consultants clarify that interest payments are due monthly. Explore options such as Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs) or the Step Up Repayment Facility (SURF) with their guidance, tailored to your financial preferences.

4. If my previous loan application was declined elsewhere, can Sulekha Home Loans still assist me?

Certainly. Sulekha's Home Loan Consultants are known for flexible eligibility criteria and streamlined processes. If you've faced rejection elsewhere, they can guide you on enhancing eligibility for a more accessible application process.

5. Who qualifies as co-applicants for my home loan, and what are the benefits of adding one?

Consider including a co-applicant, like your spouse or immediate family member aged 18 to 65, as recommended by Sulekha Home Loan Consultants. This enhances eligibility and, with a female co-applicant, may lead to reduced interest rates. Co-owners of the property should also become co-applicants for a secure investment.

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Why Choose Sulekha's Home Loans Services

1. Effortless Application:
  • Swift initiation for timely decisions.
  • Minimal property documents needed.
  • Possible pre-property finalization.
2. Flexible Repayment:
  • Up to 25-year tenure.
  • Tailor repayments to income and existing EMIs.
  • Expert guidance from legal and technical professionals.
3. Convenient Interest Payments:
  • Monthly interest options.
  • Choose EMIs or SURF for flexibility.
  • SURF allows increased payments with growing income.
4. Flexible Approval Criteria:
  • Adaptable eligibility criteria.
  • Guidance on improving eligibility.
  • Streamlined application for a smoother experience.
5. Boosted Eligibility with Co-applicants:
  • Co-applicants boost eligibility.
  • Preferential rates for women co-applicants.
  • Explore enhanced approval with co-applicants.
6. Diverse Loan Options:
  • Choose from various loan types.
  • Tailored options for different properties.
  • Exclusive offers and assistance at branches.
7. Consolidated Tax Certification:
  • Single IT certificate for applicant and co-applicant.
  • Complies with IT rules.
  • Streamlined documentation for tax purposes.
8. Timely Tax Certificate Issuance:
  • Certificate in April or May.
  • Issued at each financial year-end.
  • Provisional certificate available year-round.
9. Effortless Identity Verification:
  • Acceptable proofs include PAN, Passport, etc.
  • Seamless part of KYC process.
  • Ensures a smooth, secure application.
10. Easy Loan Transfer:
  • Consider Sulekha's Balance Transfer.
  • Effortless process with competitive terms.
  • Enjoy better rates, service, and overall terms.

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