Upcoming Projects For Sale in Nalasopara

as on Feb 22, 2024
  1. Code Landmark 6
    Elevation image of - Code Landmark in Nalasopara West, Nalasopara

    Code Landmark

    Starting from 31 Lakhs Base Price
    Config. 1 BHK Area 565 - 620 Sq.ft Avg Price / Sq.ft 5,487
    Available units from this project
    1 BHK Apartments/Flats 31 Lakhs to 34.50 Lakhs 565-620 Sq Feet

    Code Landmark is a home where all accommodations are just a stone's throw away. A diverse group of profoundly experienced and devoted professionals, combined with impeccable quality and a commitment to comfort and peace, make Landmark an excellent choice. The vast, welcoming windows fill the homes with inspiration, light, and breeze, making living much more delightful. The spacious, proportionate rooms at Landmark offer serenity with their smooth yet sumptuously rich architectural designs, providing a tranquil living experience for its residents. View More

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