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Quick Tips & Questions Asked for Sulekha Vastu Consultation Services

1. What Vastu consultation services are available through Sulekha's service providers for residential and commercial properties?

Sulekha's network of Vastu consultants offers a variety of services, including in-person visits, personal consultations, and online guidance for both new and existing residential and commercial buildings.

2. How does the residential consultation process work with Sulekha's service providers, and what can clients expect for their properties?

For residential properties, clients can choose from in-person visits (IPV), personal visits (PV), or online consultations. The process involves submitting plans and photographs, receiving detailed reports, and ongoing guidance until corrections or modifications are completed.

3. What qualifications and criteria do Sulekha's Vastu service providers possess, and how does Sulekha ensure their expertise?

Sulekha prioritizes Vastu consultants with strong educational backgrounds and practical knowledge. This ensures that clients receive guidance from professionals capable of effectively resolving Vastu-related issues.

4. Do Sulekha's Vastu service providers recommend demolition or reconstruction, and what approach do they take to problem-solving?

Sulekha's qualified consultants avoid recommending demolition or reconstruction. Their approach involves logical and scientific methods to balance Vastu without structural changes, providing effective solutions to clients' concerns.

5. How does Sulekha's Vastu consultation services cater to clients globally, and what options are available for international clients?

Sulekha facilitates on-site, off-site, and online consultations, ensuring accessibility for both local and international clients. Through mediums like email, Skype, and phone calls, clients can receive expert guidance, reports, and remedies for their Vastu concerns from Sulekha's extensive network of consultants.

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Why Choose Sulekha's Vastu Consultation Services?

1. Complete Property Solutions:
  • Vastu consultation for residential and commercial properties.
  • Expert guidance for both new and existing buildings.
  • Tailored services to meet diverse property needs.
2. Flexible Residential Options:
  • Choose from IPV, PV, and online consultations for flexibility.
  • Expert spot visits with continuous online support.
  • Personalized guidance for effective corrections.
3. Tailored Commercial Solutions:
  • IPV, PV, online consultations, and project-specific visits available.
  • Personal spot visits for timely guidance in commercial projects.
  • Customized services for efficient modifications.
4. Logical and Scientific Approach:
  • Experts with education, qualification, and practical knowledge.
  • Logical problem-solving for personal and professional challenges.
  • Careful identification of genuine problem-solving experts.
5. Well-Researched Consultations:
  • Research-based solutions offered by knowledgeable experts.
  • Vastu's continued relevance despite evolving practices.
  • Limited number of experienced consultants providing systematic advice.
6. Non-Intrusive Solutions:
  • Avoid demolition with practical and efficient Vastu solutions.
  • Professionally qualified consultants ensure non-intrusive corrections.
  • Effective resolution without major constructional changes.
7. Global Consultation Services:
  • International Vastu services through various mediums.
  • Online consultations cater to clients worldwide.
  • Expert guidance for Vastu concerns regardless of location.
8. Versatile Consultation Types:
  • On-site, off-site, and online consultations available.
  • Thorough reports via email or mail for accessibility.
  • Different consultation types covering site selection, construction details, and landscaping.
9. Experienced and Renowned Experts:
  • Over two decades of expertise in Vastu consultancy.
  • Managed by individuals providing top-notch services and courses.
  • Exceptional results with solutions based on date of birth.
10. Positive Results with Scientific Vastu Solutions:
  • Facilitated solutions bring positive changes within 9-180 days.
  • Applicable to both owned and rented properties.
  • Suitable for various clients, including corporate sectors, professionals, and retailers.

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