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  • Rent vs. Buy Calculator

    To go for rent or buy a home... the choice is sometimes difficult to make, especially when you are new to a city. The rent vs. buy calculator gives the difference between renting a property and buying a home.

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    FAQ's on Rent vs Buy Calculator
    • 1) What is Rent Vs. Buy Calculator?

      Should I go for rent or buy a home? That's a question everyone faces at some point in life. Many debate between buying and renting, often results in a late realisation that they could have actually bought a home instead of renting or vice-versa. To make the decision easier, we have a Rent Vs. Buy calculator designed for you. The calculator gives you a comparative feasibility that makes the decision wiser.
    • 2) What is the methodology of Rent Vs. Buy Calculator?

      This calculator provides a tally of the expenses in buying and renting. To use the calculator, you need to put the basic information. This includes rental details, property price, annual appreciation, how long you live there and salary details. Once the required details are filled, you will get a report on renting and buying property scenario.

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