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  • ROI Calculator

    You can find the potential annualized rate of return on a property investment you made by using Return On Investment (ROI) calculator. You simply have to fill the form to get the result.

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    FAQs on ROI

    • 1) What is Return on Investment (ROI) tool for real estate properties?

      This ROI tool measures the profitability of a property/real estate investment. It is used for calculating the approximate annual yield on the amount invested at an initial time. When reliable data is available, this ROI calculator efficiently compares the past and current returns on the property investment. Factors to be considered for evaluating a ROI are amount invested, year-on-year investment, property type and location.
    • 2) How returns on investments are calculated?

      After recovering the initial cost of the investment and one has to take into consideration the following:
      • The purchase price.
      • Amount of the loan.
      • Terms of the loan agreement.
      • Rate of capital appreciation.
      • Income generated from the investment such as rental income.
      • Expenses incurred to maintain the investment – property taxes and insurance.
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