New Projects For Sale in Mumbai

as on Apr 24, 2024
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  1. Godrej Urban Park 18
    Elevation image of - Godrej Urban Park in Chandivali, Mumbai

    Godrej Urban Park

    Starting from 2.50 Crores Base Price
    Config. 3 BHK Area 906 Sq.ft Avg Price / Sq.ft 27,594
    Available units from this project
    3 BHK Apartments/Flats 2.50 Crores 906 Sq Feet

    This is your home in the heart of the city that?s at the heart of all the good things in life. Experience the urban life at its best with everything that your heart desires, served right by your side. A well-connected address that keeps you close to nature and closer to life. With a Rooftop Annexe, Urban Resort Annexe and Green Park Annexe, all the good things are here so that you can live the best life. At Godrej Urban Park, we also bring a thoughtfully crafted retail space at your doorstep to ensure convenience at it is best. View More

  2. Gladiolus Tower 9
    Elevation image of - Gladiolus Tower in Vasai East, Vasai

    Gladiolus Tower

    Starting from 30.48 Lakhs Base Price
    Config. 1 BHK Area 358 Sq.ft Avg Price / Sq.ft 8,514
    Available units from this project
    1 BHK Apartments/Flats 30.48 Lakhs 358 Sq Feet

    Zero Brokerage presents you 'Gladiolus Tower' at vasai is one of the Premium residential towers, where you would wake up every morning and experience the world around you. When it comes to buying your dream house, you have several things to consider, which go beyond just amenities and comfort. You don't want to miss the buzz of the town where your business is flourishing live. Here you are always very close to everything in life and hence you will spend less time commuting and more time your Family. So, come and experience the finest living edifice....... 'Gladiolus Tower' View More

  3. Ashar Axis 8
    Elevation image of - Ashar Axis in Majiwada, Thane

    Ashar Axis

    Majiwada, Thane Landmark: Near Majiwada Junction View Map
    Starting from 1.10 Crore Base Price
    Config. 1,2 BHK Area 462 - 656 Sq.ft Avg Price / Sq.ft 23,810
    Available units from this project
    1 BHK Apartments/Flats 1.10 Crore 462 Sq Feet
    2 BHK Apartments/Flats 1.46 Crore to 1.56 Crore 611-656 Sq Feet

    FROM THE MAKERS OF FIRST At Ashar Group, we believe in creating structures that outlive us. We are on a constant quest to upgrade spaces and abide by our commitments of delivery. For us, promises mean everything and we believe in delivering not just living spaces, but homes that allow everyone to experience total happiness. Our uncompromising values, customer-centric attitude, robust engineering, and transparency in business operations have made us one of the most preferred real estate brands in the MMR region View More

  4. Sky City 21
    Elevation image of - Sky City in Virar West, Virar

    Sky City

    Virar West, Virar Landmark: Near Nilemore View Map
    Starting from 28.50 Lakhs Base Price
    Config. 1 BHK Area 280 - 365 Sq.ft Avg Price / Sq.ft 10,179
    Available units from this project
    1 BHK Apartments/Flats 28.50 Lakhs to 38.75 Lakhs 280-365 Sq Feet

    Only those who look up and seek to reach up, rise in life. If this brochure has found its way into your hands, you are one of the special few who seek to touch the sky. You are one who seeks an abode set within a prime location, one who aspires to a premium lifestyle ? loaded with comfort and convenience, amenities and experiences, style and elegance. In other words, a life in Sky City. View More

  5. Meghana Montana 9
    Elevation image of - Meghana Montana in Ambernath West, Mumbai

    Meghana Montana

    Ambernath West, Mumbai Landmark: Near Chikhloli View Map
    Starting from 32.76 Lakhs Base Price
    Config. 1,2 BHK Area 489 - 712 Sq.ft Avg Price / Sq.ft 6,699
    Available units from this project
    1 BHK Apartments/Flats 32.76 Lakhs to 36.12 Lakhs 489-544 Sq Feet
    2 BHK Apartments/Flats 44.54 Lakhs to 47 Lakhs 671-712 Sq Feet

    Tharwani Constructions Pvt.Ltd. is synonym with state of the art constructions. They are well known for their signature mix of reliable architecture and exquisite luxury. Tharwani Constructions Pvt.Ltd. have redefined the parameters of modern architecture. Since it's beginning, their constant challenge to stand out in the realty market has resulted into focusing on creating brilliant structures and transforming lives. Tharwani Constructions Pvt.Ltd., as a group believes in keeping up with their customers need for a better standard of living. They focus on how to successfully deliver what their special customers require to turn a house into a home. View More

  6. Shree Township 18
    Elevation image of - Shree Township in Tarapur Road, Boisar

    Shree Township

    Tarapur Road, Boisar Landmark: Near Betegaon Ground View Map
    Starting from 11.55 Lakhs Base Price
    Config. 1,2 BHK, 1 RK Area 385 - 850 Sq.ft Avg Price / Sq.ft 3,000
    Available units from this project
    1 BHK Apartments/Flats 16.50 Lakhs to 19.50 Lakhs 550-650 Sq Feet
    2 BHK Apartments/Flats 25.50 Lakhs 850 Sq Feet
    1 RK Apartments/Flats 11.55 Lakhs 385 Sq Feet

    Welcome to Shree Township,SHREE BUILDERS And DEVELOPERS?s residential project in Mumbai. If you are one of those looking for a comfortable house in the city, you are on the right place. The project has Covered carparking, 7 amenities including Gym, Club House, Landscaped Garden and the project is available at price starting from Rs.8.8 Lac. View More

    USP: 5000 rs per month installment pay availableSituated only a km away from the main roadAffordable Cost compare to other builder's project and Merely 5 min from Boisar Station
  7. Godrej Sky Garden 11
    Elevation image of - Godrej Sky Garden in Chembur, Mumbai

    Godrej Sky Garden

    Starting from 6.27 Crores Base Price
    Area 1335 - 1928 Sq.ft Avg Price / Sq.ft 47,000
    Available units from this project
    3 BHK Apartments/Flats 6.27 Crores to 7.13 Crores 1335-1516 Sq Feet
    4 BHK Apartments/Flats 9.06 Crores 1928 Sq Feet

    Nestled in a quiet corner, a charming bungalow-life beckons with its nostalgic embrace. The sprawling backyard and roomy interiors take us back to simpler times. Of sunlit kitchens resonating with laughter or the cozy reading nook by the window. In every nook, this home echoes the joyous adventures of childhood that continue to inspire our lives even today. Tucked in a quiet Chembur corner, this home echoes tales of a bygone era, a bunglow-like charm where nostalgia takes center stage. View More

  8. Code Landmark 6
    Elevation image of - Code Landmark in Nalasopara West, Nalasopara

    Code Landmark

    Starting from 31 Lakhs Base Price
    Config. 1 BHK Area 565 - 620 Sq.ft Avg Price / Sq.ft 5,487
    Available units from this project
    1 BHK Apartments/Flats 31 Lakhs to 34.50 Lakhs 565-620 Sq Feet

    Code Landmark is a home where all accommodations are just a stone's throw away. A diverse group of profoundly experienced and devoted professionals, combined with impeccable quality and a commitment to comfort and peace, make Landmark an excellent choice. The vast, welcoming windows fill the homes with inspiration, light, and breeze, making living much more delightful. The spacious, proportionate rooms at Landmark offer serenity with their smooth yet sumptuously rich architectural designs, providing a tranquil living experience for its residents. View More

  9. Dosti No. 1 12
    Elevation image of - Dosti No. 1 in Thane (West), Thane

    Dosti No. 1

    Starting from 36.99 Lakhs Base Price
    Area 319 - 552 Sq.ft Avg Price / Sq.ft 11,596
    Available units from this project
    1 BHK Apartments/Flats 36.99 Lakhs to 41.99 Lakhs 319-385 Sq Feet
    2 BHK Apartments/Flats 51.99 Lakhs to 55.99 Lakhs 452-552 Sq Feet

    Experience perfection at Dosti 1 Mumbai, Mumbai's premier housing development sprawled across 125 acres. Indulge in the comfort of well-planned homes within 30-storey towers, providing unparalleled luxury for you and your family, all complemented by ideal pricing and a prime location. Embrace the extraordinary way of living at Dosti 1 Mumbai, where coming home is an unrivalled experience. Don't miss out on the opportunity to be a part of Mumbai's No.1 Home Ownership Scheme! View More

  10. Mahavir Spring 7
    Elevation image of - Mahavir Spring in Thane West, Thane

    Mahavir Spring

    Thane West, Thane Landmark: Near Pokharan Road View Map
    Starting from 1.30 Crore Base Price
    Config. 2 BHK Area 630 Sq.ft Avg Price / Sq.ft 20,635
    Available units from this project
    2 BHK Apartments/Flats 1.30 Crore 630 Sq Feet

    In the heart of Mumbai, spread across the green courtyards of Thane, Reboot Zindagi is where the joys of bygone eras meet the finest aspirations of the visionaries. An oasis of calm, beauty and serenity, it whisks you away from the clamour of the city to grant you a life in the enriching lap of nature?s luxury. The one-of-a-kind cosmopolitan lifestyle offers 2 & 3 BHK premium residences, creating an extraordinary life experience akin to a waking dream View More

  11. Swaminarayan City 12
    Elevation image of - Swaminarayan City in Dombivli West, Dombivli

    Swaminarayan City

    Starting from 51.61 Lakhs Base Price
    Config. 1,2,3 BHK Area 705 - 1500 Sq.ft Avg Price / Sq.ft 7,320
    Available units from this project
    1 BHK Apartments/Flats 51.61 Lakhs to 57.85 Lakhs 705-785 Sq Feet
    2 BHK Apartments/Flats 76.23 Lakhs to 80.88 Lakhs 1045-1100 Sq Feet
    3 BHK Apartments/Flats 1.10 Crore 1500 Sq Feet

    Swaminarayan City is a residential cum commercial development in Dombivli West . The project is built by Swaminarayan Lifespace LLP. They provide 1BHK, 2BHK apartments, commercial shops and office space with all necessities. It is approved by Maharashtra RERA. View More

  12. Samaira Residency 7
    Elevation image of - Samaira Residency in Vasai East, Vasai

    Samaira Residency

    Starting from 33.32 Lakhs Base Price
    Config. 1,2 BHK Area 463 - 660 Sq.ft Avg Price / Sq.ft 7,197
    Available units from this project
    1 BHK Apartments/Flats 33.32 Lakhs to 33.81 Lakhs 463-473 Sq Feet
    2 BHK Apartments/Flats 48.75 Lakhs 660 Sq Feet

    Zero Brokerage presents you Samaira Residency a residential flat with Luxurious 1, 2 BHK in Vasai East, Mumbai. The Starting price for the residential flat is 33 Lakhs for Sq ft starting from 463 Sq ft.

  13. Sterling Heights 8
    Elevation image of - Sterling Heights in Vasai East, Vasai

    Sterling Heights

    Vasai East, Vasai Landmark: Behind Balaji Hotel View Map
    Starting from 33.50 Lakhs Base Price
    Config. 1,2 BHK Area 456 - 690 Sq.ft Avg Price / Sq.ft 7,346
    Available units from this project
    1 BHK Apartments/Flats 33.50 Lakhs to 34 Lakhs 456-690 Sq Feet
    2 BHK Apartments/Flats 50 Lakhs 660 Sq Feet

    Home is where the heart is. At Sterling Heights you will discover all the ingredients that make life comfortable and much more. Planned minutely in every detail for a lifestyle with high-end modern amenities enclosed within connect-to-nature designed environment, Sterling ensures more peace and joy in every square feet inside and outside your living space. A residency with plentiful recreation & rejuvenation, every Sterling home is made to raise the happiness and well-being quotient of your family located in Vasai, this premium housing project is amongst the most affordable luxury lifestyle residency for the working class and an investment with not just high value-for money but also greater value-for-life. View More

  14. Metro Aangan 20
    Elevation image of - Metro Aangan in Badlapur West, Badlapur

    Metro Aangan

    Starting from 24.90 Lakhs Base Price
    Config. 1,2 BHK Area 275 - 397 Sq.ft Avg Price / Sq.ft 9,055
    Available units from this project
    1 BHK Apartments/Flats 24.90 Lakhs to 34.65 Lakhs 26-30 Sq Meters
    2 BHK Apartments/Flats 35 Lakhs to 45.60 Lakhs 37 Sq Meters

    Metro Aangan in Badlapur (West), Mumbai Beyond Thane by Metro Creators is a residential project. The project offers Apartment with perfect combination of contemporary architecture and features to provide comfortable living.

  15. Suraksha Smart City 5
    Elevation image of - Suraksha Smart City in Vasai East, Vasai

    Suraksha Smart City

    Vasai East, Vasai Landmark: Near Rajavli View Map
    Starting from 29.50 Lakhs Base Price
    Config. 1 BHK Area 375 - 650 Sq.ft Avg Price / Sq.ft 7,867
    Available units from this project
    1 BHK Apartments/Flats 29.50 Lakhs 375-650 Sq Feet

    Suraksha Smart City Phase I is a residential project launched by Conceptual Advisory in Vasai, Mumbai. The project will be built over a total area of 1.18 acres and is offering 1 BHK apartments for sale. Carpet area of 1 BHK apartments is 287 sq ft. Amenities available for the convenience of residents are closed car parking areas, landscaping and tree planting, electrical meter room, sub-station, open parking areas, community buildings, open area for recreational activities, receiving station, well-lit internal roads, fire protection, fire safety equipment, stormwater drains, regular supply of water, and other facilities are provided in the complex. View More

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